Whatever the surface problems are in a relationship, they are likely to be a symptom of underlying or less obvious problems. Learning to face up to difficult truths about the jrelationship and the other person in it can be frightening.  Many people are unable to improve communications in their relationship for fear of conflict that may lead to crisis or even a split. Couple therapy gives you the time and the non-judgmental presence of a third person to provide a safe space in which to explore difficult issues. I will work closely with you both, encouraging open and honest communication to help to improve the connection between you.

My style is dynamic and collaborative, which means that I will engage actively in the sessions, which can be challenging, stimulating, thought provoking and inspiring.  I will help you both to identify each of your, often unconscious, beliefs, assumptions and patterns of relating which may be keeping the relationship 'stuck' in a negative way. The source of these are often rooted in childhood and learnt from our original carers. We will gently explore this area together, which will require honesty and courage, however the overall aim is to encourage empathy and emotional intimacy between you so that you can both move forward more positively.




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